Two days before the start of holiday club and I have time to write a blog – how amazing is that? When I first joined Class Of Their Own in 2006, Sam (my sister and co-director) and I pretty much did everything to prepare for the summer.

The Early Days

We had an assistant; however, we were both very hands on and interviewed new team members, planned activities, created marketing flyers, processed bookings and payments, did food orders and undertook all the deliveries.  How times have changed!  We now have a team in our office who undertakes all these roles.  And, it is fair to say that they are better at them than we were! I remember Sam and I trying to organise food for 5 clubs from one Tesco order – no matter how carefully we did it, we always seemed to have 3 packs of rice cakes left over and not enough flour to go around!

As time has moved on, so have our processes.  We have learnt to move everything that we are in control of away from the start of the holidays.  Our annual summer training day used to take place a week before holiday club – this now happens in June.  Our early bird booking discount has incentivised parents to book early – this really helps.  Technology has helped too – we can’t imagine life without an online booking system, electronic registers or rota management software.

Fun in the Office

So, what does that mean for my day?  It mostly means I have not been thinking exclusively about holiday club today!  I started the day by reviewing an office sweepstake we set up on Friday – everyone in the office had a guess at how many bookings would come in over the weekend.  It was only right, that Hannah who processes our Holiday Club bookings, got the closest guess – she won herself a free lunch!

Marketing Update

Next was a marketing meeting with Andrew and Callum.  The launch of our new Play Explorer initiative has been done in an extremely short space of time.   We love everything that has been delivered, and keep saying that even if we had had more time, we could not have done it better.  We conducted a quick review of what we have got left to do before the start of the holiday – and we still had some signs to make, social media posts to undertake, and updates to the website.  Lots to do, so we agreed to meet again on Wednesday once the holiday club had started to review all the marketing activities we plan to undertake once the holiday has started.

This is only the beginning – we have got some great ideas to revamp our social media presence – but I won’t tell you what they are – that is a whole other blog!

“I Need to do Payroll”

Today was pay day for the management team.  Lisa in our HR team processes pay for the club teams and some of the office team.  I am responsible for paying the 10 people in the office at co-ordinator level and above.  We use Quickbooks as our accountancy software, and recently updated our company file which means that payroll now works like a dream!  “I need to do payroll” is a phrase it would be easy for me to overuse… everyone wants to be paid, and as soon as I utter it, tea is made for me, exceptions for anything people are waiting for me to do are made and my passage through the day is generally smoothed!

A Class Of Their Own welcome

We welcomed Jess to our administration team today.  After she had spent an hour with Emma, her manager, she spent time with me to go through our Induction presentation.  Sam and I use it as an opportunity to share the company vision, mission and values.  People tend to really like the values as we have included lots of (silly!) photos from our childhood to illustrate the vales that are important to our family and, therefore, important to our company.

Catching Up!

The afternoon contained a ‘sad but true’, exciting development for me!  For the first time in months, I had time to do some catching up.  Filing – tickety tick.  Emails – all up to date.  Paperwork – sorted.  To do list – updated.  Summer holiday club preparations take months of planning and it felt good to be so ready that as the summer holidays start, I can start to think about September and beyond!

The day ended with Sam going to deliver Play Explorer resources to a Holiday Club for the first time.   The photos look amazing – I ended the day feeling confident it is going to be a great summer!

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