Welcome To The 10-Minute Guide to Play Explorers...

..a new and unique Holiday Club initiative from Class Of Their Own.

Children entering our Holiday Clubs become 'Play Explorers'...commencing journeys through child-led Play Zones and adult-led Activity Zones...all designed to create the ultimate child-centred environment.




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What is Play Explorers?

When children enter our holiday clubs they become Play Explorers. And what do Play Explorers do? They play!

The concept behind Play Explorers is to combine freely chosen play with pre-planned adult-led activities. As a Play Explorer, your child will experience the best that both experiences offer - either in one of our eight Play Explorer Zones, areas of child-led freely chosen play, or, in one of our ten Play Explorer Activities, a planned programme of adult-led activities.

A child's desire to play is in-built and, as Play Explorers children are encouraged to participate in different types of play - some known and familiar and others, new and exciting, and both created to equip them with a range of skills and experiences they can draw on throughout their life.

Who are the Play Explorers?

Who better deserves this title than children!

Exploring through play is what children do. It is how children explore their creativity, emotions, physical skills, social skills, communication skills, and knowledge. They learn about themselves, other people, their immediate environment and the wider world around them.

With our wide range of play opportunities, encouraging children to explore through play is what we do best. Children can play at their own pace, explore new interests, broaden their play and learning experiences, try new activities, make new friends, play inside and out.

When your child joins us at our holiday club, they become a Play Explorer!

Why Play Explorers?


Freely Chosen PLAY

We love providing children with the opportunity to engage in freely chosen play, and our Play Explore Zones give children the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them. 

Adult Led Activities

Our new range of Play Explorer Activities are pre-planned adult-led activities.  These exciting, well thought out activities complement the daily theme and provide children with the opportunity to develop their specific skills and interests

Fantastic Resources

Our enthusiastic team are provided with a huge range of resources. From games to crafts our clubs are fully stocked with great resources for every Play Explorer.

Convenient Locations

Class Of Their Own have Holiday Clubs throughout Bighton, Hove, Portslade, Shoreham and Lancing. Where ever you are you're never far from one of our great teams at a Class Of Their Own Summer Holiday Club!

Reliably Outstanding

We are an Ofsted Outstanding provider of Holiday and Out of School Clubs. We are convenient, reliable, and committed to the wellbeing, care, safety and protection of each child attending our Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs.

Play Explorer Activities

A programme of pre-planned, adult-led activities designed for children’s enjoyment and enrichment. Children will develop specific skills and interests – some as large groups and others as individual accomplishments. Each day features four Explorer Activities are selected from the ten Explorer Activity categories.

Art Activities


Our Art Explorer activities are designed to bring out the creativity and passion in your child and to support their freedom of expression. Our Art Explorer Activities give children access to all those creative opportunities which have been increasingly squeezed out of the school curriculum.


Expect our Challenge Explorer Activities to include de-coding mystery alphabets and deciphering symbols, map reading and treasure hunts, problem solving and quizzes. Our range of challenges are planned to stimulate children’s interests and to get children problem solving, working together and thinking on their feet.

Games & Sports

Our Games & Sports Explorer activities give children the opportunity to play lots of fun group games and sports both indoors and out. Our enthusiastic Play Leaders are there to support and encourage all children to join in and will celebrate all achievements big or seemingly small.
Music Activities


Our Cooking Explorer Activities are creative, sociable and rewarding. Children will experience the science of cooking and healthy eating, learn about measuring and weighing, work as a team or perfect their own creation, as well as enjoying the sensory pleasures of smelling, tasting and handling food.


Our Word Explorer Activities will guarantee that you child has fun with words, language and communication. Through story-telling and poetry, song and mime, drama and performance, jokes and word games, children will have the opportunity to explore through words, signing, languages from around the world and nonsense.

Dance & Movement

As a Dance & Movement Explorer your child can explore their body’s potential, enjoy movement big and small, develop their physical strengths and co-ordination, unleash their creativity, be wildly energetic or practice being still, or even dance and whirl around for movement’s sake.


Our Construction Explorer activities are designed to stretch children’s imaginations and challenge their spacial awareness and resourcefulness. Construction Explorer Activities range from building dens inside and out, constructing towers, marble runs or rafts out of recycled objects, taking objects apart and putting them back together again to create something new.
Music Activities


Our Science Explorer Activities are designed to engage children in the world around them and beyond. From simple experiments, bug hunts, fun observations and sensory play, children can explore through playful activities what makes us tick, how one thing reacts with another, the interconnectedness of living creatures and the environment, and a whole range of fascinating discoveries and thoughts. All young scientists welcome!


Our Craft Explorer Activity category gives children the opportunity to be creative with a whole range of materials and craft tools as well as enjoying the relaxing absorption that making and creating brings. Whether they are learning new skills or developing existing ones, they will feel a sense of achievement and pride and come home with an individual craftwork of their own making.


As a Music Explorer your child will enjoy a whole range of music from around the world both traditional and contemporary. They will listen to and feel the effects of different types of music, make their own instruments, create their own rhythms, try their hand at drumming and other instruments, use their voices and bodies to make music, showcase their own musical skills or make music as a group, as well as playing a whole selection of sound, rhythm and music games.

Play Explorer Zones

Freely chosen play develops a child’s uniqueness and contributes to a happy and healthy childhood. Our eight Play Explorer Zones are clearly marked areas where children choose how they want to play. Access to these different play types aid a child’s personal development and learning and stimulates interest and curiosity.

The Play Explorer Zones reflect our weekly theme and resources vary throughout the week meaning no two days are the same! As areas of freely chosen play, children shape the Play Explorer Zones – and can request specific toys or resources, move things around, spread out around the room and generally make a mess. The beauty is – we tidy up, not you!

Click or swipe to see the eight zones in detail —>

Creative Zone

Drawing, arts and crafts resources are available all day every day in our Creative Zone. From feathers and lolly sticks, scissors, colouring pens, paper and glue, your child will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination in our Creative Zone.

Children can make what they want when they want, be it simple mark-making, detailed drawings, story writing, a sticky collage or a colourful masterpiece – the choice is theirs. Creative freedom brings untold benefits whether working collaboratively or alone.


Quiet Zone

We all need a little peace and quiet during the day and we recognise that children are no different. Our Quiet Zone is a comfortable calm space with cushions, soft toys and blankets where children can relax, read a book, do a puzzle, listen to a story, chat to friends or enjoy some quiet time. We have a great selection of books for all ages, both fiction and non-fiction. It’s the perfect spot if a little adult reassurance or support is required or if a child needs a proper rest.

Role Play

Using their imagination, our dressing up clothes, accessories and a wide range of props, children can become absorbed in an imaginary world in our Role Play Zone. It might be a pirate ship, a hospital or a castle one day, and then the next a simple family home. Our Role Play Zone gives children the opportunity to mimic real life, transform themselves into different characters, make sense of real-life situations and see how it feels to see the world through someone else’s eyes. The values of role play are endless.

Small World

Our Small World Zone provides children with opportunities to create their own realistic or imaginary worlds in miniature. From toy cars to dinosaurs, Happyland, Play Mobil and dolls houses, there will be something different to play with every day. Using their rich imaginations and experience of real life, and a whole range of toys, tiny creatures and characters, your child will have the time and freedom to become totally absorbed in their play. How cool is that!


In our Construction Zone your child has the opportunity to become a mini architect or engineer and let their imagination run away with them. Available all day long, the Construction Zone allows children to build their own structures, dens and creations using a range of construction toys and resources such as Lego, KNEX! and den-building materials. Constructions can be big or small, contained or sprawling; gravity defying or wobbly – however adventurous or messy, we will accommodate them. Constructing and de-constructing is great fun and hugely rewarding for children either playing alone or with friends.


When it is time to be active, it is time for the outdoors zone. Some children love being outside and being active and others need a little encouragement – the range of outdoor games and equipment is designed to encourage children to participate in a healthy, active lifestyle. Outdoor play contributes to a child’s daily exercise and a range of games and outdoor equipment await to be used for freely chosen play – either as part of a group, large or small, or individual pursuits.


The Games Zone provides children with a wide range of indoor games and puzzles suitable for all ages. The games will keep children engaged and provide challenge whether this is individual or grouped. The Games Zone focuses upon developing communication, mathematics and literacy skills.

A Play Zone For Children Aged 8+

OwnZone provides children aged 8+ a dedicated space where they can enjoy each other’s company, chat, listen to music and access resources and activities just for them. It means that they can spend time away from the younger children and younger siblings anytime they choose.

OwnZone activities are designed to give older children dedicated time and attention to help them learn new skills, gain independence and develop their individuality through a range of challenging and inspiring activities. All designed to make them feel that little bit more grown up.

Weekly Themes for February Holiday Club 2019

The world of comics & cartoons comes to life at Holiday Club this February!

February Holiday Club will be open from Monday 18th until Friday 22nd February 2019. 

We are open at the following schools:

Brunswick Primary School (Infant Only)

Brunswick Primary School (Juniors Only)

Fairlight Primary School

Peter Gladwin Primary School

Sompting Village Primary School

Southover SE Primary School

Stanford Junior School

West Hove School – Connaught Road Site (Infants Only)

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About Class Of Their Own

Class Of Their Own runs Breakfast, After School, and Holiday Clubs for 4 - 11 year olds in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Shoreham and Lewes .  Our holiday clubs provide children with a range of play opportunities.  Whether planned by us, or shaped by the children, our age-appropriate play resources are designed to inspire and amaze.  

As a Hove-based, family run business we are passionate about providing local children with exciting opportunities during the holidays...and we are more excited than ever about our revamped 'Play Explorers' initiative for 2017!  

All children are welcomed into our clubs and if you need childcare, time to yourself or you just want something fun for your child to do, the warm welcome and stimulating environment provided by a Class Of Their Own holiday club will mean your child, whether sporty, creative, sociable or playful will want to keep coming back.

What Our Customers Say

Comments from Parents and Carers who use Class Of Their Own Holiday Clubs in Brighton, Hove, Portslade and Shoreham, 

A great service - well organised and well run. 

We are very lucky to have Class of Their Own in Brighton & Hove.
Thank you!

Every single member of the team is outstanding, very approachable and so caring. My child loves going and has made some good friends, building her confidence.

Love what you do and have every confidence in the team at the office and our club. You enable working parents to focus on work knowing our children are well cared for and safe and that is what every working parent needs.

I have such peace of mind that my son is in such good and caring hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds great, where do I find about more about Class Of Their Own?
Our company website www.classoftheirown.com is packed full of useful information – from prices to venues, information about the team and weekly and daily themes.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, then please email bookings@classoftheirown.com or call us on 01273 733337 and our team will be happy to help.
We liked Class Of Their Own as it was, why have you created Play Explorers?
Play Explorers brings together all that was already great about our holiday club programme, such as supporting freely chosen play alongside themed daily activities, into one concept. In some ways what we deliver has not changed that much, but the look and feel will have changed, and we aim to bring a sense of excitement to the activities so that children really want to accomplish new and exciting skills.
Do children have to join in with the activities?
Children can choose whether, or not, they participate in the activities.  We aim to make the Explorer Activities so compelling that children want to participate, however, we support free play and all children will have the choice.
How Can I Let You Know My Feedback About this Initiative?
We would love to hear your thoughts – you can contact us on any of our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using #ExploringThroughPlay, or email us at admin@classofthierown.com
How Can I Tell Which Explorer Activities are Taking Place on a Particular day?
You will discover which Explorer Activities are taking place when you arrive in club.  For future holidays, our daily theme chart will show when each activity is taking place.
How will each Play Zone be marked?
Each play zone will have a custom made banner.  This will be particularly helpful for children who are new to the club, or a little anxious about joining us for the day – all the play zones are available all day, every day, so you can encourage them to make their way directly to a Play Zone that they want to experience – where they will be supported by a member of our team.

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